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My current mood.

My current mood.

#photography #photo #personal #portrait #colors #red #digital #camera #tryingmynewlipstick

#photography #photo #personal #portrait #colors #red #digital #camera #tryingmynewlipstick


Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

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Moj blog je zbrka haotičnih misli.

Moj blog je skup divnih reči i nekih lepih slika.

Moj blog je pun reblog-ova izuzetnih ljudi.

Moj blog je velika gomila osećanja. Toliko osećanja da ima i onih nedefinisanih, za koje još ne postoje reči.

Moj blog je kao pomoćni čamac koji mi pomaže da stignem na kopno.

Moj blog sam ja, u onom najiskrenijem smislu.Pun dijaloga između dobra i zla. Dijaloga koji uvek vode bitku u mojoj glavi.

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"God Help The Girl" is a musical feature film, written and directed by Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of the group Belle and Sebastian. It was produced by Barry Mendel and stars Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray.

Murdoch aspired to tell the story of “a better summer, or at least a summer when something happened. It happened to a boy and a girl and a girl in a city roughly the same size and population of Glasgow. Perhaps the canals were a bit grimier, the high-rise buildings taller, the streets emptier when you needed them to be, and the beat clubs busier than the ones around here. But on the whole the city was this one.”

The film was shot, edited, scored and mixed in Glasgow.

The best way to get kids to read a book is to say: ‘This book is not appropriate for your age, and it has all sorts of horrible things in it like sex and death and some really big and complicated ideas, and you’re better off not touching it until you’re all grown up. I’m going to put it on this shelf and leave the room for a while. Don’t open it.

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Violet Baudelaire, the eldest, was one of the finest 14 year-old inventors in the world. Anyone who knew Violet well, could tell she was inventing something when her long hair was tied up in a ribbon. In a world of abandoned items and discarded materials, Violet knew there was always something. Something she could fashion into nearly any device for nearly every occasion.

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