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- Do you see that girl?
- What about her?
- Stephen is going to make her fall in love with him. Using only Einstein’s theory of relativity.
- Excuse me, have you got the time, please? I make it half past seven. What time do you make it?
- You already know the time.
- I know my time.
- Are you trying to be funny?
- Time’s not a universal quantity. We used to think that it was, we used to think that it was just there, marching on at the same pace for everyone everywhere, like a railway track that stretched to infinity. Time was eternal. Now we know that it isn’t.
- Wow…
- You have to know this is incredibly important. Time’s not a background thing it’s not an absolute, it can switch, everything else is measured. It’d dynamic.
- Dynamic?
- Active.
- Active?
- Wonderful. If you were to travel East very very quickly…
- Out of sight, to the far East?
- The far far East.
- Oh completely out of sight.
- Yes, completely out of sight. And I stayed here your time would slow down relative to mine.
- Like I’d get really really slow…
- If you went very very fast.
- If I went very very fast, I’d get really really slow?
- Your time would, relative to mine.
- Oh, it’s really out of sight.
- Time’s very important.


One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist… Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.

—Stephen Hawking (via iamvalkyrie)

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